Why Digital Transformation is not only Technology investment

Without openness to change, either naturally or as a specific initiative, digital transformation stalls

The main critical challenge in Digital Transformation is changing company culture. It’s revealed by the survey of Altimeter Group, “The 2014 state of the digital transformation”.

Collecting different top executives point of view, at the top of the list, changing company culture leads with 63% stating that it is an extremely significant challenge.

Result from whom cascade other evidence:

1) executive support is critical for digital transformation to start and succeed (is key to sanctioning change and investing in it)

2) cross-functional and departmental collaboration is a key inhibitor to change (56% of companies surveyed find it difficult to work with the right people to create a consistent experience and journey that stiches together seamlessly)

So, why digital transformation is not only a technology roadmap? Beacuse it comes down to people.

Behavior, whether it’s related to customers, employees, values, or expectations, is as important (or more so) as becoming increasingly digital through new investments in strategy and technology.

According to the Altimeter report, businesses undergoing digital transformation are naturally investing in new technologies and systems to work in ways that are more relevant to the state and evolution of today’s markets, but, more relevant, in their own way companies are creating new processes, forming new business models and teams!

Originally published at https://nicolettaboldrini.com on August 28, 2014.

Journalist, author & speaker, consultant with double soul: tech and humanist | I analyze impacts of emerging techs on future | #StillOnMarch | Tech4Future.info

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