To better understand the priorities and preparedness of executives and HR professionals around the world, Deloitte conducted a survey in the last quarter of 2013 that included 2,532 business and HR leaders in 94 countries. In the Human Capital Trends 2014 report the result is clear:

Leadership, retention, HR skills and talent acquisition are the top global trends perceived by respondents as URGENT!

Building global leadership is by far the most urgent: companies need for leadership at all levels, in all geographies and across all functional areas.

The survey shows that leadership is identified as highly important in five of seven global regions: Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, North America, and South America.

Very interesting to note that the ‘geographic pattern of leadership’s needs’ corresponds to global regions of business growth and opportunity: emerging economies (Middle East, Africa and South America) report leadership as a top priority, balanced with the need for workforce capability, HR globalization, retention, and talent acquisition.

In fact, even in ‘old economy’ regions as North America and Europe, that are undergoing a difficult economic transformation, the continuous need for new and better leaders has accelerated. Globalization and the speed of technological change and innovation are changing expectations of the workforce.

So… leaders need constant development!

Courage, the world is changing!!!

Originally published at on July 30, 2014.

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